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The Seven Steps in Our Spiritual Journey Through Chakras

chakras7We move within an invisible sea of electromagnetic energies originating from the deepest regions of space and from the centre of the planet. Our personal space within and around our physical bodies is inhabited by invisible but powerful energies located down the spinal column-here the seven great vortices or chakras, ‘meaning wheels’ affect us at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

The chakras are dependant on the life-force and are linked to the breath of the body. A spiritual interpretation of the chakras would be viewed as a journey of seven steps, not unlike Shakespeare’s idea- “All the world’s a stage and each man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” The magic seven again.

Firstly, the Root chakra is viewed as the foundations of someone’s life; associated with solidity and assuredness, where energy enters from the Earth into the body.  Attributes would be fearlessness and stillness. We establish our place in the world here.

The Sacral chakra represents the sensuous, watery and deceptively strong energy of the element of water. Fluidity and ease of movement in the world as well as emotional connection is associated here. The person learns to interpret emotion on the spiritual journey hence the ‘right to feel’ is validated or not as the case may be. We learn to trust and connect with the world and others.

The Solar Plexus chakra is where the powers of the individual and the ‘right to act’ is brought to the fore. It is where free-will is centered. Again Shakepeare’s words spring to mind- “To thine our self be true, thou cannot then be false to any man.” The element associated with it is fire, powerful, pure control of energy is located here.

The Heart chakra is where one focuses on the spiritual ascent in that it is the pivotal point of bridging the Earth and the Cosmic energies, this is where the life-force is centred. Therefore, on a spiritual level it is vital. It is here that one allows the world into the heart by experiencing love, compassion and relationships. Love and self-love are centred here. The element is air without which there’s no life! The right to love and to be loved is emphasised.

The Throat chakra is where the voice lies, where the ‘right to speak and hear’ is centred. It is where one steps into one’s own truth, where creativity lies. It represents union with the elements, dreams of inspiration and higher knowledge. The throat’s element is ether or space where all elements dissolve into their refined essence.

The Brow chakra (3rd Eye/Perception) steps into the realm of making dreams come true, and the realisation of all that is possible. We visualise and realise potential. The ‘right to see’ is located here. It is the chakra where consciousness embodies the unconditional truth of one’s journey.

The Crown chakra is the pinnacle of the spiritual journey-the moment where the energy flows from duality back into oneness. Knowledge and understanding are located here. As the Root chakra was where spirit entered the body, the Crown is where it leaves the body and flows back into the Divine Source. It is the center where surrender to the will of the divine or being one with the universe is located. Peace and fulfillment are possible and while such moments may be rare and transitory, it is this chakra which allows the individual  glimpse enlightenment or bliss however fleeting this may be. It is the chakra where sense of purpose is located and the true realm of the soul or spiritual dimension is centred. The journey through the chakras is complete in the spiritual ascent to Belonging.

The wheel keeps turning until ultimate knowledge is gained and understanding. Although the seven main chakras are separate, they work in unison and are interconnected.

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