The Healing Focus



Healing Space in Dublin 9

Energy is the basis of all life; it is ‘the power within’, resonating from every cell in our bodies. Every being-sentient or otherwise is composed of energy.  This Energy is in constant motion and if there is an obstruction of this lifeforce or reduction in the power of its flow, we become ill on one or more of the following levels, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

I am an Arts Graduate of UCD where I read English, French and Philosophy. I taught at both Secondary and Post Leaving Cert level and for 18 years specialised in teaching Drama and Creative Writing in Adult Education. I worked in professional theatre direction and production for several years and have a Masters in Drama also from UCD.

I have always been keenly interested in both alternative and complimentary approaches to health and well-being in terms of holistic methods as well as having a special appreciation of human psychology. I think having a masters in Drama is interrelated because human emotion is examined as part of the discipline of theatre.  I believe creativity, in general, to be most important in personal development and emotional healing.

A few years ago a close relative was quite ill and found bio-energy hugely beneficial to her recovery. Having witnessed first hand how it helped I decided to study it and qualified in October 2011 from the Bio-Energy School of Ireland. I also studied Tera-Mai Reiki and qualified in June 2013.

I  studied Shamanism over the past five years in The Irish centre for Shamanism in Dunderry, county Meath and I am now fully qualified as a Shamanic practitioner and Shamanic counsellor.