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I offer Bio-Energy Healing Therapy, Tera-Mai Reiki and am also a Shamanic practitioner and Shamanic counsellor.  I have developed my own unique way of combining these therapies but also offer them as separate therapies.

You don’t have to be in need of healing to try Bio-Energy or Reiki Therapy, either can be very beneficial in maintaining overall well-being.  A session leaves you feeling relaxed, with a ‘feel-good glow’ while giving your body’s energy a huge boost. I will travel to your home or you can attend a session at my purpose built healing space. I am based in Dublin 9.


Bio Energy Healing

Bio-Energy Therapy is an holistic therapy because it not only deals with the physical aspect of pain/illness/disease but also with how thoughts and feelings impinge on and are interlinked with the physical condition. The interconnectedness of all things is appreciated in the work of Bio-Energy Therapy where mind/body/spirit are inextricably bound together. This theory draws on an ancient form of Chinese healing and can also be traced back to both Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

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Reiki is an ancient non-intrusive complimentary therapy. A hands on healing technique, it enhances the body’s own innate ability to heal itself on all levels. It helps restore balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit. Reiki originated in Japan. As in many disciplines from the East, it is noted that when the Ki (Life Force Energy) is free flowing, people are generally healthier and happier.

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From a shamanic perspective all illness and disease come from three main causes. Loss of power, intrusions or what is termed soul loss.  There are many reasons a person might benefit from a shamanic healing be it on the emotional, physical, mental or spiritual level. 

Traditionally it was said that the shaman would ask those who were in search of healing if they could identify specifically when they had stopped enjoying life, when they had stopped dancing, singing or listening to stories. 

Today more than ever there is an increasing role for the shamanic practitioner who listens carefully to the needs of the client and thereby tries to help identify the reason/s for the ailment/s or soul loss thus restoring balance in the client’s life.  People feel more connected to themselves,  to others, to the earth and to each other,  they feel more ‘whole’ after a shamanic healing.  

In my opinion shamanic healing and shamanic counselling are very powerful modalities in the journey to healing.  What makes them so effective is the fact that energy work can transform lives of people in such an immediate and transformative way.