The Healing Focus


“I found the treatment for my asthma very beneficial. I felt totally relaxed during the treatments and I thought Pamela had a very reassuring and calming manner at all times. I felt I was in good hands, and would be happy to continue treatments with her in future.”

– Anne (Dublin) asthma sufferer

“I found that after the first session I experienced and increase in energy levels. The following treatments repeated this positive result and also lowered my high pain levels with regards to my post operative knee surgery. The session was successful beyond all my expectations. I had a sharp decrease in pain and a marked improvement in bodily well being. I confess myself both surprised and impressed by the treatment and will not hesitate to recommend her to others.”

– Margaret (Dublin) post operative knee surgery

“I do not find it to be a coincidence that the sessions in bio energy healing and renewed interest in spirituality came at the same point and time in my life. I now practice regular self-care with healthy eating, yoga and meditation and also manage my stress levels by bringing awareness to my bodily reactions and in general, feel more connected to my own sense of being. Pamela’s warm, sensitive style was very encouraging and it was always pleasant to be greeted by her generous smile.”

-Suzanne (Wicklow) Stress and Anxiety

“I have attended Bio energy sessions with Pam. I found it very beneficial. I am sleeping better and feel much more relaxed. I woke up one morning after a session with Pam with the “feel good factor” (unbelievable!!!). So glad I did the sessions. I had been suffering from Sciatica and now the pain is almost gone. I am so grateful to Pam. I intend to do Bio-Energy with her on a regular basis.”

-Don (Co. Meath) Sciatica and anxiety sufferer

I have benefited over the four sessions, more relaxed and very much a lack of depression which has been the best outcome. Thankfully, I seem to have a lot more energy and a calming of nerves and tension. I shall continue this work that is a certainty.

-Kevin (Dublin) Depression

Bio-Energy has been a major factor in my recovery process, helping to accelerate my recovery period. This was confirmed by my medical team who commented on the rapid change and recovery of my damaged optic nerve. I can confidently recommend Pamela as a solid, reliable and effective Bio-Energy Therapist.

-Peter (Wicklow) damaged optic nerve